RAF Pilot Log Book

Flying career of Robert "Bert" Penny.

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RAF Pilot Log Book
Robert "Bert" Penny

The Log Book shows Bert was a POW until 3rd of May 1945, following this he took up duties again:-

9th May 1945 -  1st July 1945 at Cosford,

16th July 1945 - 13th August 1945 No.111 W. Malling,

23rd August 1945 - 18th September 1947 Valley N. Wales

18th September 1947 to 1st November 1947 Moreton in Marsh.

The Log Book showing his first flight after being a POW was on 22nd September 1947 at No. 1 PRFU Moreton In Marsh. (PRFU = Pilots Refresher Flying Unit). Bert's retraining started with Harvard IIb; details of the aircraft flown can be found at the following Appendix 180. One Spitfire XVI was also flown at that time.
On 30th October 1947 Bert was assessed as a fighter pilot and found to be proficient.