RAF Pilot Log Book

Flying career of Robert "Bert" Penny.

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RAF Pilot Log Book
Robert "Bert" Penny

Bert's last posting was at Horsham with No.245 Squadron, he took up these duties on 20th April 1948 and flew Meteors IV during this posting. Details of the Aircraft flown are shown at the following Appendix 200.

Squadron 245's motto is Fugo Non Fugio (I put to fight, I do not flee).
245 Sqad
This photograph was taken from the Log Book.
(See Apendix 200a for a clearer image.)

Many maneuvers were carried out during this time including the following:
Single Engine Flying, Close Formations, Speed Run 15,000, S.E Overshoots, High Speed formation, Night Flying
Instrument Flying, Homings, Aerobatics, Air Ground Live, Low Flying, Cloud Flying, Cine Air - Air,
Operation Dagger (B29), Cine Air - Ground, I F Safety Pilot, Height Climb 40,000, Cine Gun Formation,
Formation, Cine on B29's, Practice Interception, Snake to 40,000, Wing Bablo 32,000, Wing Attack on B29 Formation.