RAF Pilot Log Book

Flying career of Robert "Bert" Penny.

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RAF Pilot Log Book
Robert "Bert" Penny

The Log shows as a newly qualified pilot he was posted to "71 O.T.U. Ismalia" (OTU = Operations Training Unit) where he continued to fly Harvards. Details of the Harvards flown at this time are shown at Appendix 60. This combat training was at Ismalia. During World War II the airfield, then known as RAF Ismailia or Ismailia Airfield was used as a military airfield by the British Royal Air Force and the United States Army Air Force during the North African Campaign against Axis forces. Ismailia was a pre-World War II station, originally opened about 1916. (WikikPedia)
The combat training at Ismalia involved the following procedures:-
1-Check Dual-Local Recco
3-Close Formation
4-Spinning & Aerobatics
5-Deflection Attacks
6-Instrument Flying 7-Air Ground-Low Flying
8-Shadow Firing
9-Air Combat
10-Fighter Bombing
11-Battle Formation