RAF Pilot Log Book

Flying career of Robert "Bert" Penny.

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RAF Pilot Log Book
Robert "Bert" Penny

When Bert was reported as Missing his co-ordinates were given as 4048N 2126E (Florina) these can be seen in the map aside.
Having discovered that Bert was missing his parents quickly informed his brothers as the following Telegram shows. It was sent from North Queensferry to John Penny his brother who was serving in Africa, the Telegram was delivered in Nairobi on 13th July 1944.

Bert went missing on 4th July 1944. Three months later his family had not heard anything about his whereabouts or if he was dead or alive. An extract from a letter written on 15th October 1944 by his brother William "Willie" Penny to  John Penny (both serving in Africa)  shows that their parents had not been informed.