RAF Pilot Log Book

Flying career of Robert "Bert" Penny.

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RAF Pilot Log Book
Robert "Bert" Penny

The missions completed involved the following:-
- Low Flying , Dive, Bombing, Line Abreast Formation,
- Dive Bombing (2 x 250), Strafing, Section of Four
- Strafing
- Air Sea Rescue
- Road Strafing
(Strafing = is the practice of attacking ground targets from low-flying aircraft using aircraft-mounted Automatic weapon"
The notes made in the Log Book regarding these missions are interesting -
- "Road Strafing - 1M/T Destroyed, 2 Damaged, Serande Flak Accurate"
- "Little Seen, Section Strafed 2 M/T + one W/T Station, CO Blew Up small petrol dump""
- "2 M/T Destroyed + One Motor Cyclist. Scant Flak,"
- "Using 90 Gallon Overloads Destroyed 3 Locomotives & 8 M/T + 28 Damaged Several Flamers + Bods Included"
- "Damaged 2 In Camouflaged Park, 1 Staff Car + 5 M/T Flamers, Another 6 Damaged Very Slight Flak from one PT, Using 45 Gall, Overloads"- "No Activity. Strafed One Hanger"

Note 1 An example from the Log Book.
The Squadron Records for the same mission  20-06-1944 shows:-.
Note 1
 * See Apendix 100 for extracts from the Squadron Record between 15th and 19th.
Also Appendix 100a for a larger version of the record for the 20th.