Family Tree of Dennis Penny
This family tree is restricted to the Penny family name. It looks at the "Head" of each generation and while additional information is shown about family members it is only there to support the history of family.
The history covers 1725 to 2018 (293 Years) (8 Generations).

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At this point in the Family Tree the history becomes a bit vauge and certain assumptions have to be made.

With regards to Peter Penny (#5A) we know he and Charlotte had a Son Peter Penny (#4). On Peter Penny's (#4) marriage certificate it shows his parents as Peter and Charlotte, this was in 1875 he was aged 25 at this point so would have been born in 1850. The sons death certificate in 1932 when aged 82 show his parents as Peter and Charlotte both now deceased. No birth cerificate for Peter (#4) or marriage certificate for Peter (#5A) and Charlotte can be traced.

Peter Penny (#4) the son lived with his Grand Parents John and Ann Gray in North Queensferry:

1851 Census shows Peter Penny Age 1 (supports a 1850 Date of Birth) this census also shows Charlotte Gray living at same address was aged 22  therefore a1828 Date of Birth  (NB Charlotttes name Gray not Penny)

1861 Census show him still resident there aged 10.

1871 Census shows Peter Penny Aged 20 (supports a 1850 Date of Birth)

Peter Penny (#5A) could be about the same age as Charlotte. There is 1851 Census information that shows a Peter Penny aged 26 living in Edinburgh as a Lodger, the land lord Grace Gray (a connection with Charlotte Gray?). The actual Census copy shows Peters age as 24. This would put him born about 1827. This census information shows Peter's place of birth as Fossoway. Is this the same Peter that married Charlotte? The Fossoway Peter's details suggest it could be:-

Information about Peter (#5B) birth shows his date of birth as 19-11-1826. His parents are John and Magdalin Penny while he was born in Fossoway the 1851 Census shows the family are now in North Queensferry. He marries Mary on 04-06-1852 which is a year or so after Peter (#4) is born to Peter and Charlotte. The marriage details held are of little use. None of his children to Mary are called Peter, the normal pattern being to name a son after the father, possibly the name Peter being used with the child to Charlotte. There is census information that shows that he lived with Mary in Burntisland and he died in 1889. Further information is required before Peter (#5A) and (#5B) can be confirmed as the same person.

Charlotte Penny

There is no marriage details to support Charlotte marrying Peter (#5). What has been established from the Census is that she lived with John and Ann Gray in 1851. This was in North Queensferry at the same address as her son Peter Penny (#4). Information shows she is aged 22 in 1851 and would be born about 1829 it also suggests Charlotte Ford is the same person. The 1841 Census also suggests a 1929 date of birth as she is aged 12.

Charlotte Gray married Robert Ford in 14-01-1853, the information held does not add any additional details. She died in 1903 aged 71 which puts her date of Birth as 1832. Not the same year as above but perhaps close enough. Her parents are shown as John and Ann Gray. The census information confirms she lived with Robert Ford her husband and puts her date of birth about 1832.

Peter Penny (#4) had a daughter Charlotte born on 13-05-1881 her birth certificate  shows her full name as Charlotte McRitchie Gray Penny. The death certificate for Charlotte in 1903 at age 71 her full name as Charlotte-Bell (McRitchie Ford). This ties in the Peter Penny (#4) connection with Charlotte as he named his second daughter after his mother, using the Charlotte Gray and McRitchie names.

Information shows that a Charlotte Bell McRitchie was born on 25-07-1828 her parents are James McRitchie and Christina Christie, they married on 30-10-1825. A James McRitchie died in Queensferry on 11-12-1840, Charlotte would have been 12.The date of death of Christian (Christina) could be 1852. The 1841 Census for McRitchie in Queensferry shows Charlotte aged 13. The 1851 Census appears to show her not living with her mother in Queensferry. However evidence is also held that a Charlotte McRitchie from Queensferry married a Thomas Blair from Largo this was in 1850 and the 1851 show Charlotte living in Largo aged 23. The 1841 Census show a McRitchie family living at the same property as the Gray's. All a bit confusing but as Peter named his child Charlotte Gray McRitchie suggests the Charlotte that died in 1903 is connected.


Peter Penny (#4) lived with his grand parents for at least 20 years. Peter Penny (#5A) and (#5B) could be the same person but without Peter Penny (#4) birth certificate this cannot be confirmed. The family of Peter Penny (#5) were living in North Queensferry in 1851, although he was not living with them, he was in Edinburgh. There is just enough evidence to suggest they are the same person.