Family Tree of Dennis Penny
This family tree is restricted to the Penny family name. It looks at the "Head" of each generation and while additional information is shown about family members it is only there to support the history of family.
The history covers 1725 to 2018 (293 Years) (8 Generations).

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A visit was made to the Fossoway Saint Serf's and Devonside Parish Church in Crook of Devon . A look through the cemetary discovered the following three Grave Stones.

Grave Stone

William Penny one of the sons was born on 21-06-1830.

William Penny

The other son Alexander was born on 18-04-1825

Alexander Penny 1825

Further information is held on this Penny family

Alexander and Mary

Alexander and Mary

Alexander and Mary

While the surname and Fossoway are of interest, this family does not appear to be connecrted with the Penny family which is the subject of this family tree.


The second grave stone discovered was for Elizabeth Penny.

Elizabeth Penny

The above shows she was married in 1828 to Andrew Harley.

Elizabeth Penny

Record shows her death in 1892. A similar record appears in her married name.

Again this person does not appear to be connected with the Penny family which  is the subject of this family tree.

Duncan Penney

Duncan Alexander

The different spelling, while it has come up in research it is not thought to be connected here.