Robert "Bert" Penny - RAF Pilot

This website details the flying career of Robert "Bert" Penny.

Bert's flying career is documented in his Pilot's Flying Log Book.

The Log Book starts in 1943 with details of his first flight in a Tiger Moth through to Bert flying jet fighters, the Meteor IV. The last entry in the Log Book is on 5th January1949 with the entry "Killed", he was 25 years old. His death was as a result of a crash landing caused by his engines failing during a flight in a Meteor jet fighter.

Bert was born on 20th June1923 and lived in North Queensferry, Fife, Scotland. At the age of 19 he was overseas taking his first flight in a Tiger Moth.
Using the Log Book and sourcing information from the Internet this web site builds up a picture of Bert's flying career which involved action in World War 2.
Montage During the war he was shot down over enemy territory and taken prisoner of war. His first recorded flight was on 3rd May 1943 in a Tiger Moth. In just over a week on 11th May 1943 he flew his first solo flight. This initial training is shown to have taken place at No26 EFTS Guinea Fowl. i.e. No 26 Elementary Flying Training School, Guinea Fowl, Nr Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia. He was based there between 4th April 1943 and 13th July 1943.
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